khalil 2021 plan

khalil 2021 plan

The City of Dearborn has a rich history of cultural and ethnic diversity of which we can be proud. It is also well known as the birth place of Henry Ford who made the automobile accessible for the average person and not just a fad for the super rich. I want to bring this innovative and pioneering spirit to the Dearborn City Council. 

Today, our great city is plagued by high property taxes, high water bills, crumbling infrastructure and budget mismanagement which has led to deep frustration among our residents. I am the best candidate to bring the much needed change to improve our cities operations by bringing my more than 12 years experience in technology, innovations, and solving problems to WORK FOR YOU!

As a City Council member, I pledge to put the interest of Dearborn Residents First! Here is my plan to produce the change we need.

Khalil 2021 Plan

Improve City Services:

  • Transparency: Create a mobile app that provides real time data on how tax money is spent
  • Improve Quality of Service: Assess ourselves by benchmarking other cities and how we compare for our constituents
  • Digital Transformation: Leverage technology to eliminate manual processes

Improve Quality of Life:

  • Flooding: Establish an independent commission to determine root cause and create a detailed disaster response plan
  • Taxes: Work to reduce property taxes by optimizing city expenditures and ensure fair property assessments
  • Recreation & Parks: Support Youth programs by establishing city wide partnerships with existing partnership with Dearborn Public Schools & and non-profit organizations
  • Environment Issue: Install a 24/7 Air Quality monitoring system throughout industrialized areas to ensure compliance throughout the city
  • Community Pools: Prioritize the urgent need of replacing the outdated pools across the city
  • Public Safety: Leverage technology to combat out of control reckless driving, drag racing, and theft
  • Libraries: push for more innovative ideas to bring libraries to the 21st century mindset and attract more youth to leverage available resource


Senior Care:

  • Prioritize Services: Work to ensure that our seniors get their fair share of city services/grants by developing special process that aims to serve them



Disaster incidents can happen any time but the question is that are we ready to respond to the next disaster? In the last eight years, our
city was flooded more than three times, since last June 25th  flood, some houses were flooded twice. After flash flood struck our basements, I personally witnessed that the City Disaster Recovery Plan wasn’t well defined which put many lives at risk.

In my professional capacity, I worked as the Disaster Recovery Lead for FIAT Chrysler Automobile for a few years and I know what it
takes to build a solid Disaster Recovery Plan that based on the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). 

RTO is amount of time the City can bring things back to its normal state. This will include a complete plan and processes to all critical point of failure infrastructure assets like backup generators, rescue teams, clean up contractors, etc…. This plan should be checked prior to the flood warning. In other words, someone in the City who is responsible for incident response plan should checked all these tasks and ensured the city have a backup generators lined up in case of power outage. 

RPO is more related to the data backup but in this scenario, we can leverage this to check on the most vulnerable residents which is the senior community. A team should be ready to check on seniors and ensure they are safe.

Now what, where to go from here??

As your City Council member, I will leverage industry best practices to find out what went wrong on June 25th. I will call for an independent investigation by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Understanding exactly the root cause of the issue is a fundamental element to move forward on fixing this issue. I know for fact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers unit is using industry best practices when conducting the Root Cause Analysis.

Based on the recommended solutions, City Council will able to make an informed decision on how to proceed and move forward. 

Mitigation Plan:

By all means, tasks below are NOT preventative to a flood 
disaster but implementing them can significantly reduce the amount of rain
coming back into our basements.

Investing on planting more
trees and green spaces

FEMA Recommendations:
elevate or relocate mechanicals

Protect your furnace with a
Barrier Wall

Raise or relocate appliance

Sump Pump

Consider a backflow val