Dear Supporters,

I am honored and grateful for the tremendous support I’ve received since announcing my candidacy for Dearborn City Council.  Our campaign was well received by many constituents across our great City.  Let me assure you this campaign was created by the people for the people to bring the needed change to Dearborn.  We want to build a broad and grass roots movement that focuses on delivering results for the residents of Dearborn.

I am very excited about this campaign.  We have much work to do in the coming weeks, but I am certain that with your support, we will achieve a HISTORIC WIN!  Therefore, I am asking for your financial support to fund this campaign.

To donate, please click on this LINK.  Alternatively, you can write a check to Khalil Othman For City Council.

Thank you for your contribution and continued support!  May God Bless you and may God Bless our Great City of Dearborn!